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Book shelves full of board games at the Ludorati cafe, Nottingham

We are excited to share the third episode of Book Club Pod. Featuring four very awesome Nottingham tech community people from development, operations, design & management backgrounds to talk about books.

This episode features an in depth discussion about the end of things.

We are very thankful to the team of the Ludorati Cafe in Nottingham for allowing us to record there. It’s a fantastic space to explore board games and their cafe which supplied us with tasty coffee.

This time we talk about endings in detail, the ‘death of things’, being happier, reading on a plane, and lists of lists.


If you’d like to pass on recommendations of books you love, books you’d like us to review, or any other topics you’d like us to discuss then please get in touch via the show’s new Twitter handle @BookClubPodShow or email us

Get in touch with us if you’d like to be on a future episode of the show. We’d love to hear your thoughts too.

Book List

Software Architecture for Developers - Simon Brown - front cover image

Book Club Pod Episode 3
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